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In all business areas, the MIV company is focused to the harmonization of the quality assurance and environmental management system. 

The harmonized quality assurance and environmental management system continuously perform, develop and implement technologies, processes, products and services which bring the risks and negative influence to the lowest possible level, taking into consideration influence to health, security and environment of the employees, users and all concerned parties.  

The quality- and environmental management system are performed as an integral business management system, based on the law, company rules, profession rules and requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norms.

The quality- and environmental management system is performed at all levels, from the checkup of the raw materials and all other materials, verification of all production processes, as well as of all processes which are performed in MIV.

The quality- and environmental management system includes, and manages, the international ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 norms, as well as performing the certification processes in accordance with the various norms of the national or professional associations, checkup of all certificates and approvals.

Business policy of the company MIV, as well as a quality- and environmental management system, are aimed at achieving the top product quality, along with the socially responsible and acceptable behaviour and satisfaction of all involved parties

We continuously perform and improve external communication with the customers and concerned parties, in order to increase efficiency of the integrated quality - and environmental management system.

By means of supervising and measuring of the specified parameters, and by means of supervising the lawful and other requirements, we bring the work processes and their influence to environment in line with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia and international norms and thereby improve competitiveness of our products.

Supervision of the overall system is performed by means of the external supervising checkups, internal revisions and by the supervising checkups of the suppliers, in line with the annual planning, using the custom developed computer support and data analysis and by means of the Management reports.

In line with further development of our company, we continue improvement of the integral, central document managing system at the company level, in order to enable more successful application and supervision of the business processes and rules. 

In cooperation with the users, further improvement activities are started in order to fulfil the user needs as much as possible. In order to improve the quality- and environmental management system, MIV d.d. performs internal education of management, employer representatives and internal auditors. Further, the experts of MIV d.d. actively participate work of numerous professional associations, contributing to development of good relationships with the concerned partners and developing reputation of our company. 

Management, SUKO and all the company employees prove dedication to the goals and social responsibility  through the obtained approval for the integrated environment conditions IPPC (Integrated Pollution, Prevention and Control) as well, which was granted in the year 2013. The MIV production is characterized as „green production“.   

The Management specifies the targets and supervises their realization, followed by continuous improvement of the integrated quality- and environmental protection management system, in accordance with the norms EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 14001:2004.

Successful operation and impeccable quality of MIV products assured the obtained, internationally recognized certificates to MIV.

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