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Practical learning in Metalska Industrija Varaždin

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Datetime published: 10.11.2020

Metalska industrija Varaždin d.d. has many years of experience in cooperation with educational institutions in terms of practical teaching. Practical teaching is a key part of vocational occupations that enables practitioners to acquire new skills and new work habits. MIV d.d. provides interns with food and cash compensation for their working hours. Among other things, the company holds practical classes for various occupations, such as CNC operator. A CNC operator works in the machining of products, in the production of machine devices and parts. The trainees are under the watchful eye of our professional staff and thus gain security and independence in their work.

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Valves elements with advanced functions

DOWNLOAD (87,4 MB) Instructions

Hydrovalves- AutoCAD Add-on is a parametric drawing tool which can be used for nodular and grey cast valves and water supply systems fittings and it works under AutoCAD graphic environment. All elements, have exact dimensions according to EN standard and they have been listed and elaborated on in Metalska industrija Varaždin d.d.

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