Powder coating

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Surface protection is an integral element of MIV's products. Anti-corrosive protection can be performed by means of epoxy paint or by colour painting.


  • Unit for cleaning of the castings by shot blasting
  • Machining quality in accordance with DIN 55928

PVC coating

PVC coating is an anti-corrosive process, in which epoxy powder is applied to the blasted and clean surface which has been warmed up to 220 degrees Celsius. Application can be performed by:   

  • Manual electro-static process 
  • Immersing into the fluidized powder 

MIV d.d. has both lines and is capable of performing the high-quality anti-corrosive protection of the products by means of the coating which is suitable for potable water.   

As a quality proof of PVC coating, MIV is a member of the German professional association  RAL – GSK (Gütegemeinschaft Schwerer Korosionsschutz von Armaturen und Formstücken durch Pulverbeschichtung; in translation Quality assurance association of anti-corrosive protection by epoxy powder coatings of the armatures and fittings in heavy corrosive conditions).



All activities related to PVC coating are performed in accordance with the requirements of RAL-GZ 662/2014.


In accordance with the customer specification and/or project specification, we are capable of performing the painting in all surface protection systems.   

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Valves elements with advanced functions

DOWNLOAD (87,4 MB) Instructions

Hydrovalves- AutoCAD Add-on is a parametric drawing tool which can be used for nodular and grey cast valves and water supply systems fittings and it works under AutoCAD graphic environment. All elements, have exact dimensions according to EN standard and they have been listed and elaborated on in Metalska industrija Varaždin d.d.

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