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Double orifice Air Release Valve

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Art.Nº: V6-01 A

Application: drinking water, waste water

DN: 50 - 300

Pressure: PN 10/16/25/40

Material: ductile cast iron

Max. working temperature:​ 60°C (higher temperature on request)

The automatic air inlet-relief valve allows deareation during pipe line operation as well as entrance and exit of air in the course of pipe line filling and empting, securing thereby an undisturbed pipe line operation. The functioning is self-acting on the principle of ball buoyancy and pressure difference between pipe line interior and atmosphere. The air inlet-relief valve consists of two chambers. The small orifice chamber is assigned for relief of small volumes of air and the big orifice for inlet and relief of large volumes of air. The air inlet-relief valve is located at the highest pipe line bends.

 Technical datasheet V6-01 A

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