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Pressure relief and pressure retention valve DAV for electrical remote control - closed without current

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Art.Nº: 1403

Application: for use in drinking water sector (other on request)

DN: 1 1/2" - 2" PN16

DN200 - DN300 PN10 

DN40 - DN300 PN16


The relieving or retention pressure of the safety / pressure retention valve is infinitely adjustable via the pilot valve between 2-16 bar. Any excessive system pressure is relieved via the main valve opening quickly. The electric solenoid valve controls the filling and emptying of the pilot chamber. The main valve is closed at zero current and opened when energized. To avoid water hammers, the closing rate can be adjusted via the throttle check valve.

Version / position of main valve:
- Closed at zero current (model no. 1403)
- Open at zero current (model no. 1404)

- Protection of a system against excess pressure (safety valve)
- Retention of the preset system pressure in the upstream pipe network (pressure retention valve)

Minimum inlet pressure: 1 bar
Minimum pressure difference between inlet and outlet pressure: 1 bar

For rating, please specify the following:
- Flow (min., med., max.)
- Inlet pressure (P1 side)
- Retention pressure and/or relieving pressure (P2 side)
- Holding pressure / back pressure
- Voltage (e.g. 24 V / 230 V)
- Type of power (alternating current / direct current)
- Type 1403 or 1404

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