Metalska industrija Varaždin Warehouse and packing

Warehouse and packing

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Warehouse of finished products

MIV has an up-to-date high-bay-warehouse with the closed warehouse of the finished products whose total surface is 2200 m2. The closed warehouse has 1658 heavy-duty shelving places and 85 floor-palett positions.

In each moment, there are more than 1000 tons of the finished standard products in the warehouse, which enables fast delivery of the products and meeting the customer needs.

Receipt and issuing of the finished goods are performed by means of the computer system „Automatization of the warehousing activity (orig. Automatizacija skladišnog poslovanja – ASP)“. Each product in the warehouse has its own bar-code label with its storage position. Utilization of the bar-code scanner by means of the Wi-Fi connection enables linking of the delivery documents and products.


Packaging is performed in accordance with the professional care, international norms and packaging instructions, as well as in accordance with the project/customer demands and type of transport.

On request of the project/customer, we perform the special packaging arrangements, either on our own or in cooperation with the companies specialized for packaging of the industrial products, in case of out-of-gauge products, overseas transports, packagings for unfavourable climate conditions and frequent reloadings, etc.

All wooden materials which are used for packaging are treated in accordance with the requests of International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 and carry an appropriate IPPC code and certificate.

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Valves elements with advanced functions

DOWNLOAD (87,4 MB) Instructions

Hydrovalves- AutoCAD Add-on is a parametric drawing tool which can be used for nodular and grey cast valves and water supply systems fittings and it works under AutoCAD graphic environment. All elements, have exact dimensions according to EN standard and they have been listed and elaborated on in Metalska industrija Varaždin d.d.

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